Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm Back--Sort Of E-Mail Wise

As of right now, things are working after a fashion. Right now it appears that I have ago from roughly 8 pm last night to noon today of missing e-mail. So, if you sent something, please resend. Message below is an update from Verizon....


Dear Valued Verizon Customer,

On Thursday morning, September 12, 2013, Verizon experienced a service disruption that affected your email account. You now are able to send and receive email normally and will continue to have access to your calendar and address book.

We are diligently working to recover any of your email folders that cannot be seen at this time. When the issue is fully resolved, email previously sent or received and any personal folders you created prior to this interruption will be available.

If you regularly use a POP email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo or Mac Mail you may not have noticed any adverse impact outside of the temporary inability earlier today to connect to your servers.

While Verizon is working to resolve the issue, you can view updates as new information is available on

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this disruption has caused.


Your Verizon Team

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