Saturday, September 14, 2013


I was just reminded by e-mail I had not said how Sandi is doing these days. I'm not doing any better and had completely forgotten to say how things were after we got home yesterday. I am sorry about that.

Yesterday was another blood work day and the anemia and dehydration issues were a bit better. Other things were not. So, it was pretty much a wash on the blood work. She is still fully oxygen dependent and that has not gotten any better at all. We knew it would be months, if ever, before this got better, but she is discouraged about still having to be tied down to the equipment.

The steroid tapering continues and one hopes this won't trigger a worsening of the issue with her lungs. The lowering of the dosage has already had a major impact as she is back taking daily multi hour naps in the afternoon.

We do it all again on Friday.

Her blog on crafts, gardening, and a few other things is at

Sandi's Store is at  Lots of good handmade stuff there including items for the upcoming holiday season.

Please keep her as well as the rest of us in your thoughts and prayers. Things are very tough around here these days and we are doing our best to hang in despite everything.

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