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Crime Review Update-- New issue of Crime Review

As posted elsewhere earlier today....

In our new edition of Crime Review ( this week we
have sixteen reviews, together with Parker Bilal in the Countdown interview
hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

THE SUDDEN ARRIVAL OF VIOLENCE by Malcolm Mackay, reviewed by John Cleal
As the bosses of rival Glasgow gangs manoeuvre for control, killer Calum
MacLean has had enough. He seizes his chance to quit, but cannot anticipate
the effect this decision will have.

TAKING THE FALL by AP McCoy, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Up and coming young jockey Duncan Claymore wants revenge on the men who
ruined his father’s life and now he’s in a position to get it.

THE DEAD BEAT by Doug Johnstone, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Journalism student Martha Fluke’s first day as a newspaper intern begins
with a bang when a man shoots himself in the head while he’s on the phone
to her.

AFTER THE SILENCE by Jake Woodhouse, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When his partner is killed, Inspector Rykel is barred from the
investigation, but is assigned another murder which turns out to be linked.

A LOVE LIKE BLOOD by Marcus Sedgwick, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
It is August 1944 and an officer in the RAMC is enjoying a short leave in
newly-liberated Paris when, in a concrete bunker, he comes across a man
drinking the blood of a woman he has just killed. Horrified, he runs away
but he is to encounter the man again, with consequences for the remainder
of his life.

EVERY SECOND LOST by Dylan Lawson, reviewed by Jude Evans
Time is running out for accident investigator Elias Hawks, who is trying to
find the missing daughter of a girl he once knew.

THE CASE OF THE BLACK PEARL by Lin Anderson, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler.
Enigmatic British PI Patrick de Courvoisier goes in search of a missing
actress and precious necklace amidst the colour and bustle of the Cannes
film festival.

HEARTMAN by MP Wright, reviewed by Linda Wilson
1965. Bristol. When a young black woman goes missing the police don’t seem
particularly interested. But local councillor Earl Linney wants her found,
and thinks former Barbados cop JT Ellington is the man for the job.

THE ALVAREZ JOURNAL by Rex Burns, reviewed by John Cleal
Detective Gabe Wager and his rookie partner get a tip-off which puts them
on the trail of a massive shipment of heroin, but the smugglers are smart
and Wager must use all his skills to close the case.

READY TO DIE by Lisa Jackson, reviewed by Sylvia Wilson
In the small town of Grizzly Falls, Montana, Sheriff Dan Grayson is
attacked on Christmas morning. While he lies in a coma, Detectives Regan
Pescoli and Selena Alvarez must track down the perpetrator. When the body
of a prominent local judge is found nearby, it is apparent that a serial
killer is at work.

STALK ME by Richard Parker, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Beth Jordan comes round after a serious car accident to discover she’s been
filmed on numerous mobile phones. The footage quickly goes viral on the
internet, but then steadily starts to disappear. Beth needs to know why.

THE DEVIL’S RIBBON by DE Meredith, reviewed by John Cleal
Underfunded Victorian forensic scientist Professor Adolphus Hatton and his
assistant Albert Roumande are battling to identify the cause of a cholera
outbreak. At the same time they must deal with a series of apparently
politically motivated brutal murders all connected to an isolated Irish

PRIME CUT by Alan Carter, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Disgraced detective Cato Kwong is called to a remote Australian mining town
to investigate a body thrown up on the beach, but a much older case is
reawakened by the police activity.

RUTHLESS by Debra Webb, reviewed by John Cleal
Deputy police chief Jess Harris continues her pursuit of serial killer Eric
‘The Player’ Spears who continues to haunt her life. But her task is
complicated when someone starts sending her the exhumed bodies of girl
children killed years before.

THE VERDICT by Nick Stone, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When legal clerk Terry Flynt is assigned to a murder where the accused
messed up his life, he needs to decide what outcome he is seeking.

THE NEW WATCH by Sergei Lukyanenko, reviewed by Linda Wilson
A new type of Other is stalking the world, threatening not only the Light
and the Dark, but also the Twilight itself. It’s up to Higher Light
Magician Anton Gorodetsky to see what can be done to neutralise this threat.

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