Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Jenny Milchman Will Be In Plano on Saturday at 3 PM

Jenny is coming to Plano on her book tour and posted this on one of the lists I am on earlier today. On behalf of Sandi, the boys, and myself, thank you to Jenny, Earl, and Shalanna, as well as everyone else involved....

Hi everyone,

Most of you know Kevin Tipple, and what a valued member of the mystery community he is. A writer himself, Kevin also reviews books with insight, discretion, and novelty. Many of you probably also know that Kevin and his family have been burdened with more challenges in the last few years than any one person should have to face.

As part of the world's longest book tour, I'll be making a stop in Plano, TX, and getting together with local writers such as Earl Staggs and Shalanna Collins, in the hopes of holding a really great day to support Kevin. There will be giveaways, including a Book Club Bundle of new, signed books, and a Writer's Wish List that includes a query and chapter critique, plus a writer's coaching session. I'll be leading a talk about life on the road, this crazy writing life, and local writers at work in the area. And at the end, a donation will be made.

If you know people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I would greatly appreciate your spreading the word, sharing the info, and in general, encouraging them to come out for a really good time.

Here's an invite:

To circle back around, most of you also know that my thirteen year publication journey took the support of one very special member of the writing community. The way we turn out to help one of our own, in ways from small to big, is inspiring, and I'd like to contribute a small piece for Kevin.

Finally, there is only one character inspired by real life in Ruin Falls, and it happens to be somebody whose name you see here often. On Saturday, I will read that section, and raise a cheer for he way DL marries real life and books together.

My best,


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