Thursday, August 21, 2014

Health Updates

Sandi is doing okay. Tomorrow is an IVIG infusion Friday for her so we shall be spending most of the day down at Medical City Dallas Hospital.

My foot is not any better at all after a week of the shoe and lots of ice. Swelling has gone down and the bruising looks better, but the foot itself is still just as painful as it was the first day.

Tomorrow is not going to be any fun for us at all and I am not looking forward to trying to move around there in the shape I am in right now.

FFB is set up for tomorrow courtesy of a piece by Patrick Ohl.


Unknown said...

Not much to do but to keep on truckin'. Judy's next tests are the first week in September. She's still doing okay, so we're hopeful. Not overly so, however.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

They will do blood work tomorrow, but the PET scan and other tests remain on hold until they get her blood sugar numbers low enough. At least a month longer on that.

Hope you both get good news when the tests are done. The trip to California seemed to be a really good sign.