Saturday, February 06, 2016

FREE Book Alert--- "Carnosaur Weekend" by Garnett Elliott

One of my favorite all time reads ever is once again free for your Kindle. Carnosaur Weekend by Garnett Elliott is one heck of a read. I reviewed it here. Amazon synopisis: 

"It’s a dirty job ...

Policing the timelines has always been dangerous, but the brave agents of Continuity Inc. have arguably the most important job in human history. Protecting human history.

Newly promoted agent Kyler Knightly teams up with his uncle, Damon Cole, to stop unscrupulous developers from exploiting the Late Cretaceous. A luxury subdivision smack-dab in the middle of dinosaur country threatens not only the present, but super-rich homeowners looking for the ultimate getaway.

CARNOSAUR WEEKEND includes the original Kyler Knightly story “The Zygma Gambit,” inspired by the dream journals of Kyle J. Knapp, and a sci-fi short story “The Worms of Terpsichore,” all together totaling nearly 16K words."

Trust me....just go get it. Pick up RED VENUS while you are at and pretty much anything else the man has ever done. You won't be disappointed.

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