Sunday, February 07, 2016


A few thoughts.....going in I thought Carolina would win, but wanted to see Manning close out his career with the win. Congrats to the Broncos on the win. Defense wins championships and in this age of high powered offenses it was nice to see that idea reinforced.

Overall, I thought the game was a let down thanks to all the miscues on both sides. I think the two weeks off really hurt the Panthers as they looked rusty and slow all night. So were Jim Nance and Phil Sims, but that is the way they always are as they racked up more unforced errors than the teams combined. How either one of them has a job amazes me.

I thought the commercials were pretty much blah across the board. I just spent a few minutes on Facebook looking at comments from folks who clearly misunderstood various commercials and are screaming blood murder about what they claim was implied. Not only are they clearly humor impaired, they think some commercials advocated, rape, stalking, bestiality, etc.  It is rather scary knowing those way off base folks are out there.

The other good thing about the Denver win is that there will not be any riots to celebrate the victory. As we all know, stoners don't riot as they are very low energy. They just ask very strange questions and crave food. Non food items are pretty much safe.


Barry Ergang said...

I talked to a friend who is not into football for a while before the game started. He asked me which team I wanted to see win. I have nothing for or against either Carolina or Denver, and hadn't seen the latter team play much this season. Like you, I thought Carolina had a lock on it, and told my friend that given their regular season 15-1 record, they kind of deserved it. However, since it's likely to be Manning's "last rodeo," as everyone put it last night, I thought it'd be nice for him to end his career with a Super Bowl win. During the game, I found myself leaning that way more and more.

I would also add that Ron Rivera was gracious in defeat.

As far as the actual game went, I thought it was "interesting" at best, and definitely a defensive battle. What added a touch of suspense was knowing how good Carolina is and that they're very capable of comebacks. In any case, I liked it better than I would have a one-sided blowout. (If the Giants or Patriots had been playing, I'd savor a one-sided blowout--as long as they were on the losing side.)

What kinds of errors did Nantz and Sims commit?

I thought a few of the commercials were cute, but overall they didn't do much for me. (Neither did the halftime show, but since I'm not into today's popular music, that came as no surprise.) As for the Facebook comments you reported, it sounds as if the risibility-challenged are the kind of people who think Sarah Palin speaks eloquently from a functioning brain.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Rivera was very gracious. NFL network was reporting in the last two hours before the game that Peyton had already told family and close friends that the game was it.

Nance and Sims did their usual deal of explaining what was happening in detail and being wrong (saying Denver was blitzing when they were not for example), calling clear drops a catch and then reversing themselves,getting obvious penalties wrong, etc.

I like some of what Coldplay does. I did like the tribute to past halftime shows at the very end.

CBS just had some expert on in what commercials worked and turned out to be hugely popular and what did not. Interestingly enough, the ones that some folks were so freaked out about, scored the best nationwide.