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Crime Review Update

In our new edition of Crime Review ( this week we have
16 reviews, together with David McCallum in the Countdown interview hot

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This week’s reviews are:
BLACK WIDOW by Chris Brookmyre, reviewed by Linda Roberts
A whirlwind romance turns into a nightmare when Diana Jaeger’s husband
goes missing
after a car accident.

THE ORDER OF THINGS by Graham Hurley, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
A doctor is found disembowelled in a Devon cottage – and the enquiry sets
DS Jimmy Suttle on a collision course with his estranged journalist wife

THE SEA DETECTIVE by Mark Douglas-Home, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Oceanographer Cal McGill uses his knowledge to investigate the mystery of two
severed feet washed up in two different locations off the coast of Scotland.

DEADLY ELECTION by Lindsey Davis, reviewed by John Cleal
When a body is discovered in a chest at one of Falco’s auctions, his PI
daughter Flavia Albia uncovers a trail of revenge and hatred amid the
politics of Rome.

THE DARKEST SECRET by Alex Marwood, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Three-year-old Coco Jackson disappeared from her family’s holiday home when the
adults were out celebrating. Twelve years on, her father’s funeral brings
hidden secrets into the open.

THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER by Diana Bretherick, reviewed by John Cleal
Scientist Dr James Murray returns from his father’s funeral to find a letter
from the woman he loved begging him to return to Turin to find her missing

THE FIRST MAN by Xavier-Marie Bonnot, reviewed by Linda Wilson
The mysterious and dangerous Le Guen’s Cave has claimed another life, this time
an experienced diver who had been studying the cave paintings.

THE HANGING GIRL by Jussi-Adler Olsen, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
Seventeen years ago a beautiful girl disappeared from school, only to be found
dead, hanging in a tree. Carl Morck, head of Department Q, is called to

TERMINAL CITY by Linda Fairstein, reviewed by Sylvia Wilson
Three murders lead Alex Cooper and Detective Mike Chapman to the labyrinthine
depths of the Grand Central Terminal and the homeless community there

BLACK NIGHT IN RED SQUARE by Stuart Kaminsky, reviewed by Chris Roberts
In 1980s Moscow, Inspector Rostnikov and his two assistants battle a terrorist
determined to impose a bloody embarrassment on the Soviet State.

RISE OF THE ENEMY by Rob Sinclair, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Carl Logan of the Joint Intelligence Agency is sent on what should have been
a routine mission to Russia. But he finds himself betrayed and taken

THE ROYALIST by SJ Deas, reviewed by John Cleal
Royalist Dragooner William Falkland awaits death in Newgate. But
Oliver Cromwell
sends him to investigate a series of deaths inside his New Model Army.

DYNAMITE ROOM by Jason Hewitt, reviewed by Chris Roberts
In 1940, an 11-year-old girl returns to her home on the Suffolk coast to find
the area deserted, and is alarmed when a German soldier seems to know all
about her.

THE TRAITOR’S MARK by DK Wilson, reviewed by John Cleal
Goldsmith Thomas Treviot awaits a design for an important commission from Hans
Holbein, Henry VIII’s court artist. When it fails to arrive Treviot is sucked
into the murderous world of Tudor politics.

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