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RTE Update

The February 13 2016  issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:

Ian Hamilton in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat: /interviews.html?id=217               
Reviews this week:

REAL TIGERS    Mick Herron    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein       
A spy thriller about a kidnapped Slough House discraced spy whose colleagues uncover a plot threatening the future of the security service.
THE LANGUAGE OF SECRETS  Ausma Zehanat Khan  Reviewed by Barbara Fister
When an undercover operative for Canadian intelligence is murdered, detective Esa Khattak's partner Rachel Getty must infiltrate an ultra-conservative mosque as inter-agency rivalries create tensions.

UNREASONABLE DOUBT    Vicki Delany    Reviewed by Jim Napier   
The release of a man convicted of the brutal assault and murder of a popular young woman decades earlier in the resort town of Trafalgar only increases tensions when he returns, determined to confront those involved in his conviction.
THE DOLL'S HOUSE    M. J. Arlidge    Reviewed by Phyllis Onstad        
British Detective Helen Grace battles internal demons as well as her own boss and a determined serial killer as she races against time to save the life of his latest victim.

DID YOU EVER HAVE A FAMILY    Bill Clegg     Reviewed by Sarah Mensing   
The night before her daughter's wedding, June's entire family is killed in a fire; as June runs away from the scene, the puzzle pieces that explain the fire fall into place.           

RIVER ROAD    Carol Goodman     Reviewed by Lourdes Venard   
College professor Nan Lewis, accused of killing a student in a hit-and-run accident, works to clear her name.

ONCE A CROOKED MAN     David McCallum    Reviewed by Diana Borse
Somewhat down on his heels New York actor Harry Murphy accidentally overhears the immediate plans of a crime family to withdraw from their line of work and ensure their own safety by killing off those who could be a threat to their peaceful retirement – unlike most of us, Harry decides to fly to London and warn the one victim for whom he has a reasonable identity and location.   

MIDNIGHT SUN    Jo Nesbø    Reviewed by Barbara Fister       
When a failed hitman flees far above the Arctic Circle to hide from his enemies, he knows his temporary stay in a tiny community is likely to end violently.

THE CASE OF LISANDRA P    Hélène Grémillon    Reviewed by Christine Zibas   
When the wife of an Argentinian psychoanalyst is found dead on the sidewalk outside their apartment, the husband becomes the prime suspect, until one of his patients starts looking for her own clues to exonerate him.

MURDER ON A SUMMER'S DAY   Frances Brody     Reviewed by Meredith Frazier 1250067405 6
When the Maharajah Narayan goes missing on the Duke of Devonshire's Bolton Abbey estate, the India Office (in the form of Kate's cousin James), calls Kate in for assistance. Caught in the middle of political machinations that reach from Yorkshire to India, Kate soon finds Narayan but then must find his murderer while carefully balancing politics and justice

THE EVENING SPIDER Emily Arsenault    Reviewed by Ben Neal   
A New England housewife investigates the dark past of her Victorian home

THE POT THIEF WHO STUDIED GEORGIA O’KEEFFE J. Michael Orenduff     Sharon Mensing
While Native American artifact store owner Hubie Schuze is searching for a pot, the middle man in the transaction is murdered and Hubie must find the murder to keep his business.

THE MYSTERY OF THE VENUS ISLAND FETISH Tim Flannery Reviewed by Karen Chisholm     In a Sydney, Australia museum in 1932, a young anthropologist is puzzled by anomalies in a Venus Island fetish and wonders if they are connected to the disappearance of the curator of archaeology.

THE GOD'S EYE VIEW    Barry Eisler    Reviewed by Christine Zibas       
When a top NSA analyst suspects the accidental death and suicide of two other employees may instead be murder, she puts her own life and that of her young deaf son in danger in search of truth.

HALLOW POINT    Ari Marmell    Reviewed by PJ Coldren       
Mick Oberon has a debt called in, and it's a payment guaranteed to make lots of people (fae and otherwise) very unhappy.

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