Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Reine Harrington Carter and "Honoring Kendall, My First Service Dog" (Paws With A Cause)

Reine Harrington Carter writes eloquently about her canine companion and service dog Kendall at  "Honoring Kendall, My First Service Dog" (Paws With A Cause). Her mission is to help raise funds for a service dog for another person who needs the help.

Please go take a look and make a donation/contribution if you can.


Reine said...

Thank you, Kevin. You are very kind.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I hope it helps, Reine. I am not sure anything I do here helps or truly matters, but I hope spreading the word by way of me did something to help your cause.

Reine said...

Kevin, I believe that each time we release anything into the ether of minds it will touch others. It may not be how we hoped or what we envisioned, but it moves on and lives. I trust that.

Thank you.