Wednesday, July 06, 2016

July 1 Issue of RTE

The July 1 2016  issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:                       

Elsa Hart in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:                   


WILDE LAKE    Laura Lippman     Reviewed by Barbara Fister
INVISIBLE DEAD        Sam Wiebe    Reviewed by Susan Hoover
WIDOWMAKER    Paul Doiron        Reviewed by Sharon Mensing
MURDER ON THE QUAI    Cara Black     Reviewed by Lourdes Venard
BLACK-EYED SUSANS    Julia Heaberlin    Reviewed by Barbara Fister
KEEP THE MIDNIGHT OUT    Alex Gray    Reviewed by Jim Napier
THE TRAP        Melanie Raabe               Reviewed by Yvonne Klein
MARKED FOR LIFE    Emelie Schepp             Reviewed by Anne Corey   
THE DEVILS OF CARDONA   Matthew Carr Reviewed by Lourdes Venard
THE GUARDIAN STONES     Eric Reed      Reviewed by Meredith Frazier
BURN WHAT WILL BURN    CB McKenzie    Reviewed by Susan Hoover
WALLEYE JUNCTION    Karin Salvalaggio   Reviewed by Sharon Mensing
COURTIN' MURDER IN WEST WHEELING   Michael Allen Dymmoch   Reviewed by PJ Coldren
MADNESS OF MERCURY  Connie di Marco Reviewed by PJ Coldren       
AGAINST THE PAW    Diane Kelly    Reviewed by Diana Borse       

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Yvonne Klein

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