Friday, July 06, 2018

Cardiologist Visit Done

Just got home a few minutes ago. Pending blood work results, based on what they did in the office, he thinks I am okay. He thinks a lot of the symptoms I am having are grief related--including significant weight loss--  and are not due to my ongoing congestive heart failure.

His major concern right now is my ongoing stress and grief over everything that has happened the last 18 months plus. He made some suggestions regarding that and told me to take care of myself and give myself time. For now, no medication changes.

We ran a couple of needed errands on the way back home and the Texas heat did a real number on me. Taking blood this morning on a fast certainly was not helpful. Bed rest is in order. If I can, I will try to be online much later today.


Carol N Wong said...

Texas heat makes nauseous and sometimes dizzy. Hope that the rain cools the heat down some. There is an actual syndrome for dying of a broken heart so be very gentle with yourself and maybe play some music that you like to fight the stress.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Most music upsets me tremendously now as various songs that we both liked brings back tough memories. The heat is evil. Very glad for the rains in our neighborhood here the last two days.