Sunday, July 08, 2018

Sunday Movie Review: GUARDIANS (2017)

As I said last month when I reviewed  The Hurricane Heist, I am not that great at reviewing movies. My late friend, Glenn Walker, was the man as far as I was concerned on movie reviews. Still, when I see something and I like it, I plan on trying to tell folks. Such is the case with the 2017 release, GUARDIANS.


During the Cold War, an organization called "Patriot" created a superhero squad that included members of various Soviet republics. For years, the heroes hid in the shadows, but now they must emerge to defend Mother Russia from a threat unlike any other they have faced before: the diabolical scientist Kuratov.

That synopsis comes from the Dallas Library system where Scott found it listed and thought it might be fun. It was! Basically, this is a Russian Marvel studio style superhero movie. Their budget was reportedly five million dollars. At times that shows a little bit as while the special effects are pretty cool and give Hollywood a run for their money, there are some things that needed a little more work. The dubbing of the voices works pretty well though they tend to sound a bit flat at times.  

All in all, we both enjoyed it. Has some funny laugh out loud moments, intentional and otherwise. Typical super hero movie so there is a lot of violence, explosions, buildings and objects destroyed, and the like.  Moscow takes a beating much like New York does in every single superhero movie. Decent origin story told through flashbacks as are a couple of other story plot points. There are rumors that they are working on a sequel. This one tied off pretty well so if they can't do a sequel, seeing this will not leave you hanging. Both Scott and I are hoping that they do get the sequel done as this one was pretty good. 

I went looking in the course of working on this review and was surprised Netflix does not carry it. They carry other flicks with the same title, so do not get fooled. They don't have it. While it does not come up in the Netflix system, if you can’t do it by way of your local library like we did, you can find it by way of Amazon, both to rent or own. Rental is $3.99 and we would say it is worth it.

We would recommend it. GUARDIANS is definitely a B movie, but it is fun and well worth your time. Not the greatest epic ever, but pretty good and fun. Popcorn optional.

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