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FFB Review: Vengeance in Death: Eve Dallas Mysteries (Book 6) by J. D. Robb

It is 2058 as Vengeance in Death begins and Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas is wrapping up her latest case in New York. She thinks she is done for the day and is looking forward to going home to Roarke and a weekend off. That is until the strange phone call comes in on her tele-link. The caller claims to have been blessed by God and therefore quite justifiably killed a sinner. He offers his religious viewpoint of the world, before and after he gives her a riddle to solve for the location of his victim.


It does not take Eve and her assistant, Officer Peabody, long to solve the riddle. Once they arrive on scene, they are smugly assured by the doorman that everything is absolutely fine and that Thomas Brennen is away from his penthouse suite. Not willing to take the guy’s word for anything, Lieutenant Dallas convinces the doorman to take them up to the penthouse. It is clear when the door is opened that death is in the air. They gradually work their way into the suite and soon find a scene of incredible carnage. It might be the worst scene Lieutenant Dallas has ever come across and she has seen quite a few bad scenes.



She is going to see more really bad scenes in the coming hours as she chases an elusive killer in Vengeance in Death. One who clearly is taking the lives of others as he works closer and closer to Roarke. As has happened before in this series, Roarke's past is another problem to work around in the read that is part police procedural, part romantic suspense, and all very complicated.


All the usual caveats apply in this sixth book of the long running series. Head hopping still occurs as do numerous tropes common in the mystery field. At the same time, the reads are enjoyable and pass quickly as readers are reminded that guns are outlawed, but murders still occur in NYC. The result is another entertaining read.


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Vengeance in Death: Eve Dallas Mysteries (Book 6)

J. D. Robb


October 1997


eBook (Available in audio and print formats)

354 Pages


My copy came via the good folks at my branch, Lochwood Library. Scott, once again, made the Libby App work for Dad. 


Kevin R. Tipple ©2021

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